took to bed with 1950s gardening columns from england


after a delicious early supper with mC (and a Most Kind gift of a Candle From Paris – pamplemousse et rhubarb – a Most winning fragrance it turns out….) we returned home….


No Heat (or hot water).


So we did what we would do in our Youth (during certain times during our formative and not-so-formative-but-quite-destructive-years-later in England we were often without heat or hot water) we Took To our Bed.

with a warm milky beverage and a copy of Vita Sackville West‘s gardening columns from The Observer circa 1950.

we swear this happened – we snuggled against the plethora of finely linen-ed soft pillows (and two “reading pillows” from Laura Ashley’s fine emporium with more heft to support late night novel plundering) and opened up a page ‘at Random’

It fell open on March 9th (1947).


We said, with wry amusement.

our birthday

And then from the ether and the Veil Beyond we distinctly heard…………

and Ours too.

Tis true.

In real life (as whomever we are in some-version-of-reality) we celebrate March 9th (we blush to tell you the year ;) although Rather Confusingly, we also celebrate other days too – for personal reasons – including April 9th (when we started

Isn’t that deliciously spooky?

Still. If you wanted someone who shares one’s natal birthday in your boudoir from the Other Side peering over one’s shoulder as you read her delicious gardening columns from yester year, Vita would be rather nice.

And naughty, no doubt.

And Very Imperious –

“February 26, 1950: A dear near neighbour brought me a tussie-mussie this week. The dictionary defines tuzzy-muzzy, or tussie-mussie, as a bunch or a posy of flowers, a nosegay, and then disobligingly adds that the word is obsolete. I refuse to regard it as obsolete. It is a charming word;”

What would You do if the boiler broke? Would you take to your bed, curled up under the blankets with just a small cold nose behind the covers of a Rather good book? What would you read?

Do tell.

We adore hearing from you, darlings……

do say something - do :-)

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