angels on bridges #lucBesson

Last night we watched a black and white movie in french……..

Ah non.

Not The Artist (bravo! Oscars!)

But Angel-a from the glorious quirky and brilliant and open-soul Luc Besson.

It’s about kindness.

And – as it’s Luc Besson – pimps and 6ft angels on bridges and debts and drowning and a delicious romp around Paris par nuit…….

One of those movies that changes you.



And the unearthly Rie Rasmussen is GLORIAous.

Or at least gloria’s Very Tall Danish Cousin.

3 thoughts on “angels on bridges #lucBesson

  1. This is one I have not seen… Clearly, I need to.

    (I have seen the French spy comedies starring Jean Dujardin. They’re a hoot! Delightful parodies on James Bond. After last night’s Oscar wins, now I’m even more anxious to see The Artist.)

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