connecting: studio 60 and snice, soho.

we were late (time zone non-compliance)…….

And we did Our Best at the Day Job but still……there’s so much to do and know and stuff (being totally non-specific we know but that’s actually how it feels).

The view helps.

It would, right?

As does a few moments of studio 60 on the sunset strip

But the stuff that helps The Most since you know what is telling the truth.

Which we did again today. Over a lovely lunch. Thank you b.

And in a surprisingly enchanting encounter with a friend of a friend of a friend.


Makes all the nonsense and angst and confusion and omg-which-data-points-are-we-meant-to-Know-Now somehow recede.


And cafes.

Especially cafes with friendly (flirty) staff and soft lighting and healthy food on simple white plates and subtle lighting and warmth and Interesting Art on the walls.

Like this place.

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