JFK 1AM: home 2AM: what planet is this, darlings?



jet Lag has descended.

JFK at 1AM

on the cab rank for HOURS (ok, 40 minutes)

a lovely ride home as the manhattan skyline twinkled in the early hours (or the late hours, depending on your mode de vivre, love ;-) with a very respectful and deeply spiritual driver from bangladesh who admired our accent (it is very nice) and instantly turned to the BBC and we listened to the news in companionable silence until reaching soho.

now it’s……god knows what time it is. or what meal we are supposed to be enjoying. or work we are meant to be feverishly concentrating on…..we’ll manage.

we started our day with a Brisk Walk and a hearty cafe au lait at Reggio (beloved in the Village since the late 1920s – hence why teamgloria likes to hang out there with its spirits of bobbed hair and cloche hats and naughty Flappers and dandies).

weirdly no snow in NYC today (it is february!) but we are most grateful (plus our LA tan would look silly against the winter gloom)

all this……..and a delicious supper with bL this evening at the St Regis (yes, there will be pictures)

are you having a lovely tuesday?

Is it Tuesday?

confusion abounds..

do say something - do :-)

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