tea with george (after a panic at the Hotel Pool)


we Are Cross.

we made our way from silverlake – after a lovely brunch at Chateau Marmont and then checked into our favorite/favourite/home_from_home hotel – the Chamberlain West Hollywood – rushed to the roof – jumped in the pool

OH GOD! the bloody pool was freezing.

because the heater broke.

and won’t be fixed until monday.


we leave for (freezing) NYC on Monday.

teamgloria toes – stranded – shivering denizen of grief – curves not tamed – need urgent action

yet – fear not – the flashy health club we joined on the East Coast has a West Coast counterpart – we’ll be driving down there tomorrow with our padlock for the locker, membership pass and the swimsuit in hand.


we know we shouldn’t complain.

but we are a Bit Cross.

thank goodness for george.

we drove round to his place this afternoon, a bit Dejected and Rather Cross about the hotel pool.

george instantly took charge of the situation.

he popped the kettle on, made us some tea (on a delicious tray, painted with farrow and ball’s blue ground) and set out cups, saucers and a selection of water biscuits with brie……and then everything was perfection again.

we strolled around the apartment – admired the view – george’s excellent collection of books and vintage typewriters and – oh! – we had almost forgotten – A divine Chandelier.

we even spent a moment with Plum himself…..

in case we forget to mention it, george will be doing an Author Event at Book Soup (yes, that one – the one on Sunset Strip, isn’t that glorious?)

In-Store Event

George Snyder
 discusses and signs On Wings of Affection and Down the Garden Path, the first two releases in his Sam-Pam-Didier Aventures Series

Date: Thursday March 29, 2012 – 7:00pm

we are Very Proud.

so – there’s nothing else for it – tomorrow we shall rise early – take the sunday papers to the rooftop and bask in the sunshine and then drive Across Town to the swimming pool (dear gods, let the boiler not be broken there too or we will have a Complete MeltDown).

why are we getting so upset?


things not going Our Way.

quelle shock.


sounds like something is trying to tell us to Take a Holiday.

or at least, stop trying to control everything.

perish the thought, as Bertie might say.

while we’re on the subject of control – here are all the things we cannot control and which are driving us cRaZY

we hope by writing them down we’ll leave them behind us and manage to sleep….

immigration, green card, finances, romances, interpersonal skills in the workplace, hotel pool heating systems, LA traffic, NY weather, curves, synthroid effect on curves, others’ expectations of what-is-suitable-for-evening-events-outfits, getting a cold, feeling cold, panicking about NY colds/flu, sore scar when it gets cold, not getting our way, paranoia about meetings taking place about stuff we’re meant to be involved in, rent, where to live, what to do next, when “what’s next” will transpire, immigration officials, attorneys, secret emails, crushes, others’ approvals and futility of caring about others’ approvals, seeking calm while drinking too much caffeine, getting more tumours/tumors/Tobias, pain, sleeplessness, noise in SoHo, disappointing others, disappointing ourself

you get the idea…..

it’s all futile.

can’t control any of it.

probably why we have to learn to live with hotel heating systems that sometimes break.

it’s not as if Any of This is to Do With Us anyway.


thanks so much for listening……

how was your day?

anything you’d like to write down and let go of?

it Does Help.


6 thoughts on “tea with george (after a panic at the Hotel Pool)

  1. writing it down helps so much. I believe there’s a power in the physical action, the hands moving, the words appearing, either in cursive or Courier type. An act of transformation.
    Thank you for your visit, for your shout out, for your encouragement.
    I wish you were going to be here.
    Loving you madly, G

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