Hollywood: backlots, freeways and international deals

a strange yet beautiful day.

started early (still on east coast time) with a breakfast meeting and some excellent inked types in black smoking nearby to provide Hollywood context of the youth-gone-wrong-jamesDean style.

we didn’t take their picture.

Best left to your (vivid) imagination.

But we Do adore context.

Especially when on a backlot.

Isn’t Hollywood delicious in sepia?

The 101 looks divine in sepia too.

More context.

More glam.

And then an odd business meeting on the Other side of town……can’t share any details, of course, but there was a Very Hollywood feel to the surroundings and the cast and the attitude.

Then teamgloria said (quietly yet with authority):

oh. Really? That wasn’t our experience – in china.

And the table went quiet (the people around the table, that is, the table was not participating at all).

We did enjoy it.

Nothing like a few hours driving in the sepia-tinted sunshine to really lift the spirits and the level of sassy repartee ;)

How was your day?

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