pier 59, norma kamali and the New View

Imagine (how ever you might picture us) the scene – 8.30AM or thereabouts, NYC, drizzling with rain and a Rather Gloomy sky overhead.

teamgloria in regulation new yorker fashionable executive stretchy black clothing (and agnes b cloche hat from Paris, France) slips into a waiting yellow taxi and heads to Pier 59.

On arrival, a long line of yellow taxis pull up and there emerges a whole host of fashionable executives in stretchy black clothing (and a few hats, none noticeably cloche-like though) and we all head inside to the norma kamali fashion technology Event.

The most delicious sight – superTall model cardboard cutouts Towered over us.

Norma Kamali herself was also in stretchy black fashionable clothing (with an undercurrent of denim) – she is norma kamali after all and invented what we were all sporting, darlings.

It wasn’t our usual breakfast type event.

But we were Tickled Pink to be invited…….

The View of the Park?



That’s our new office view.

If you squish your left side up to the window and pop the camera almost to the glass……..


No complaints here, love.

From whence we came, and All That.

The scar was Rather Impressed by the whole day, in fact.

We know how to Live post-Surgery.

It’s called a new perspective (in a rather less sounding like a Bad self-help presentation in a town hall’s back auditorium in glendale – but you get the idea).

a New perspective all round.


How was your day, darlings?

(did we tell you we’re off to the Other Coast in the morning? The Town Car arrives at 4.30AM – delicious ;)

4 thoughts on “pier 59, norma kamali and the New View

  1. Gloriaousness oozing from every pore darling, and at every turn. Am sitting in a car park in Deptford waiting for a meeting.( I am far too early as always) Not really quite so Glam. Although SE8 remains full of artists and trendy fashionable types. And this car park is spiffing. Lots of love xxx

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