So we packed up our workplace possessions into three crates (we travel light).

Including the movie scripts (not ours – the bits we love from Doris day movies) and the star wars figs….


Said farewell to The view.

And headed downtown to a nicely lit space for an Event.

With a few moments of repose in a cafe nearby.

Repose is always good.

Especially in a slightly darkly positioned cafe. With a view of the street. And enough clarity in the head to know that although we welcome change for the energy shift it kicks up, we also are Aware that it is Rather Unsettling.

4 thoughts on “moving.

    1. Alas no fireplace or kettle….

      At least not in This One.

      We once had a view of the pacific ocean through french windows and a kettle – but no fireplace (although the occasional morning chill would have been allieviated by a small fire tis true ;)

      One would hope that Your office comes with a Delicious view and a selection of lovely petit fours for tea……

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