happy sunday, darlings

sitting by the sunny view, on a Sunday, waiting for the telephone to ring. Our caller from England is perhaps otherwise detained in a lovely Sunday lunch on some golf course or the Ritz, perchance.

So, time to tell you all about yesterday.

Therapy, brunch with someone V glam, home to rest with magazines and lots of milky warm beverages, swimming pool lengths and vigorous exercise (phew!) and then to see The Vow (soppy, sentimental and rather endearing – best seen in an audience of early twenty something girls sighing at the appropriate junctures – adorable ;) Then to the westside diner where nMp and teamgloria enjoyed a long conversation about Life and more delicious people watching.



nMp makes excellent cards for Every Occasion and teamgloria was the Delighted recipient of Valentine’s 2012 :)



Still doing the photo of the day challenge on instagram.

Today is #insideyourcloset (no sniggering from the Other Coast, love).

Why yes.

It is Very Neat.



Still sitting here.

Phone silent.

Off to get ready for a day in manhattan.


As they said in all those delicious 1930s movies with black lacquer floors and white satin gowns.

2 thoughts on “happy sunday, darlings

    1. And crazy after personal shopping experience – the Least fav bit of being an executive #changingroommirrors

      Luckily we were with a personal shopper so they sent someone off to bring us a mug of coffee and a pink sugared almond.

      Quite grumpy at the trying-on-of-clothes-ness

      Oh well.

      At least we’re virtual as gloria.


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