long black coats, a glimpse of lights flickering in the chapel and a lingering look beyond the quad.

darlings, we went to visit friends at seminary yesterday and it brought back divine (couldn’t resist) memories of the chaps’ (handful of girls from age 16 – and we were Definitely a handful) Boarding School we went to in england. Many moons ago.

As we strode across the quadrangle, our Long black coat flying out behind us in our haste (we were a Tiny bit tardy) we got a sudden sensory overload: dusk falling while rushing to chapel, Latin all afternoon on Wednesday, prefectorial gatherings, long tales from Shakespeare carefully transcribed and examined. It was overwhelming and we were almost sad. And then joyful that such a 19th century experience can be called upon in the centre of chelsea, NYC.



One more thing.

Very recently we were speaking in front of a large group of people and suddenly noticed someone Leaning forward and paying attention and smiling directly at us.

Without pausing for a beat (we Are a Pro, love), we realized it was someone (pretty famous) whom we’ve had a Crush on (in our head) for (we blush to admit) a Long While.

forgive us our superficial obsessions, but our hair was really working on that occasion.

Always delicious, the freshly conditioned slightly foxy look.


Just had to share.

The scar on our throat was impressed and impressive, in a quiet way, when the cashmere scarf was unfurled, we could tell. Mostly by The lovely surroundings. It was transporting. Literally.


2 thoughts on “long black coats, a glimpse of lights flickering in the chapel and a lingering look beyond the quad.

  1. Darling W


    Tis priest-al-training.

    Not modern. Sort of Terribly old-fashioned actually. Hence the throwback to Boarding School and All That.

    Cornwall approaches!!

    And not a moment too soon.

    NY is rather exhausting.

    _tg xx

  2. Darling, is a seminary the same thing there as it is here – i.e. a theological college for thems what is traininng to be priests?

    If so how modern you are! The second Mrs Godwin was training to be a priest, so I spent many a night pretending ot be staying in the guest quarters, whilst all the other closet seminarians, for there was not a straight one amongst them, whilst they all whispered and plotted. Dirty smelly bitches!

    It is a bright crisp winter day here in London, and I have just had cheese and hot english mustrad on brown toast mmmmm.

    btw Cornwall grows ever closer!


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