movies and music and mellow feelings


sometimes you just need a small dose of Leonard to wind down the evening into mellowness.

we decided to make a new playlist tonight – just went through all of the teamgloria sonic possessions (including the splendid mix tapes given as gifts) – and selected all the songs we haven’t heard recently.

It became quite an eclectic melange.

(isn’t that a delicious word – sounds so good to say out loud, slowly).

so now we have a playlist of Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, Bowie, mixed with early Madonna (love the sweet poignant opening bars of Borderline. Brings it all back. Iron Lady lipstick from Miss Selfridges, scratchy lacy gloves and Breathless excitement, constantly), Chet Baker, George Michael, Carla Bruni and All About Eve. We toyed with Kylie. But decided on some less danceable moves before slipping in Tainted Love.


we saw a marvelous/marvellous/weepy tonight – the descendants.

Have you seen it? Superb. Clooney was magnificent. And very Real.

Divine dragon at the movie palace.

Very appropriate. Chinese new year and all that.

What are you listening to these days?

do say something - do :-)

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