oh we Do like the waverly.


We had Often wondered what it was like as we walked past…….

and tonight (after a jolly interesting day) we just happened to be in the vicinity so we popped in, used the accent and inquired/enquired/flirted regarding a Table.

a few moments later, after a shy glance at the nipples of anais nin (well, she Was rather Naughty, we do understand how the muralist might have imagined her thus) and a taut yet witty nod to fran Lebowitz (also in the mural) and Graydon Carter**. – in the flesh at his Usual table as the Proprietor – there we were – in a lovely leafy bower – the Atrium of Ye Waverly Inn (since 1919) at last.

Sensing their slight disappointment when offered “tap or bottle and a cocktail or a glass of champagne?” And we said “hot water with lemon would be lovely, please”, we then proceeded to settle into the lovely surroundings and appear alert and interested in the history, the decor and the Most delicious Fare.


**quick Graydon anecdote, darlings:

the last time we saw Graydon Carter was at the Beverly Hills hotel, not long after we moved from England to the USA. We were in entirely unsuitable clothing for poolside (Katherine Hepburn brogues, tweed trousers and a Nice Shirt, with a fawn sweater slung casually over our shoulders a la weekend with Noel coward’s chums in Fairfield, CT.) Graydon was in shorts and looked rather Wryly at our attire. But our ready Wit
Soon challenged and engaged him.

More another time.

And yes, we did fictionalize our meeting.

It is in Releasing Butterflies, the screenplay we will hand over to our literary agent upon receipt of carte emerald.

The most remarkable thing about Graydon (aside from being editor of VF, of course), is his hair. It is extraordinary. Truly. Like something out of a very fine painting of one of James II court of learned advisors. It is a hair do with a serious education of its own in Classics and military history and choicest quotations from Seneca. Truly impressive in its silveryness and cultured waves.

Back to today –

After a Strange start at the DMV (department of motor vehicles for our non-America friends) we went to the Day Job and put in a decent set of hours and completed tasks.

Then off downtown, to a Most Interesting event. Followed by an hour or so to while away before tonight’s activities so we drifted into haven’s kitchen for some linens, candles, tea and french enamel milk pans fantasy browsing and then a shot of excellent caffeine.



Isn’t it gorgeous?

And it just happened to be near the chelsea location of our Health Club so we popped in for Another Swim.


The changing rooms have a Chandelier. Only in NYC, love ;)

How Glorious.

Or, as William would say: GLORIAous and Rather Modern in a late 18th century way.

Much like Graydon and his magnificent head of hair.

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