at the DMV: only given a license for 6 months (arghh!)

at the DMV (quelle Joy)

where they only gave us a NY license for another six months….

…….because that’s all the time we have left (officially) in the USA.



nice to be in an unfamiliar part of town.

and to saunter down seventh avenue feeling All Fashionable with today’s copy of WWD and a random magazine which is in Swedish (yeah, we bought it for the luscious pictures)

and then to Rush into a meeting from the Day Job and see a fabulous pair of shoes.

people are becoming used to us walking into meetings then suddenly saying “gosh! glorious shoes/bag/shade/jewels! may we take a picture?”#teamgloriastyle


six months left on the NY driving license.

roll on green card.

and – ahem – a Los Angeles driving license once more.

we hope ;-)

see – keep looking on the bright side.

or you’ll CrACk up, darlings.

do say something - do :-)

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