tea in a room with a View

we are climbing out of the Rabbit Hole (no, we didn’t find a bottle with “drink me”, fear not – tis the emotional kind) and in order to find a helping hand, we asked for guidance from an esteemed Lady.

who has the Most Beautiful apartment in a 1920s building (yes, you can imagine we were beyond thrilled with the elegant set-up and palest mint green cabinets inlaid with silvery mirrored panels).

we sipped tea (and nibbled on Scottish shortbread from Harrods) with this View from the French windows and beyond.

we brought pale ballet slipper roses which just Happened to complement the general surroundings.

we are definitely “going through something” – our internally violent reactions to other’s quite innocent needs and requests and actions are baffling and frightening.

Luckily we have Eminent and Kind people to help us examine what might be engendering such (old?) feelings.

See what the synthroid has wrought……or what the Tumours/tumors/Tobias were obscuring………..

Scary Stuff.

once we took a few actions today, curiously the unceasing hunger that has plagued us for weeks went away.

And the Rage was dissipated by yet another Swimming session at one’s Health Club.

As we walked outside to catch the subway train up town to the room with a View, we glanced down at our raw vegetable juice and thought:


That was it.


Nothing more.

do say something - do :-)

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