state of high alert #underPressure

we can’t talk about it for obvious reasons.

but the pressure and state of High Alert and machinations and politics and so on (careful) is sometimes just Too Much.

thank goodness for weekends.

we’re not picking up work email and we know people will be Cross.

but we are so Tired.

solution? (always need a solution or one is Stuck whining/grousing/pouting in the problem and that is so Terribly Draining and Unattractive.)

have a Sunday.

be grateful for the salary, health insurance and forthcoming (when??) card-of-green. And the abundant opportunities to be Kind, helpful and complete assigned tasks with as much Grace as possible. If not gloriously. But not today.


Today is a lie-in/sleeping late/dozingFitfully.

Then coffee, calling England (people we know, not just Randomly,darlings) newspapers (lots), swimming pool (steam gently and sauna too), Uptown to have tea with a Most Gracious writer and then back downtown to meet up with friends and have a late supper with a new person with a curiously similar name (to the RL one, not another Gloria ;)

And breathe.

And avoid the stress.

Just for today.

3 thoughts on “state of high alert #underPressure

    1. Hello, Hello – England? Yes? Good! This is Gloria. Please join me in some Noel Coward esque badinage. What? Well then put me through to someone who can! No I don’t know what an Eccles cake is. I’m calling from Manhattan, New York City, New York. No they didn’t name it twice – that’s Chicago, yes, where Doris Day lives………….

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