Madonna made a movie. #lovedIt

Brava, lady Madonna!


Loved it.

Breathtakingly elegant, dreamy sensuality, stunning art direction, sensitive character exploration. Paris, NYC, London. 1930s satin bias dresses and stockings to modern day slim black sheath dresses and exquisite lingerie – what’s not to love? ;)

And, of course, the juxtaposition of the choices women can make today with the barricading behind protocol and secret political machinations that silenced and effectively banished a woman in an earlier time are, as one might expect from Madonna – rendered crystal clear.

Makes you think, really.

If wallis had been alive today, there would have been a veritable global network of fashionable bloggers supporting her while the establishment, in vain, attempted to censor and silence her.


Anyway, she says brightly, moving back to lighter fare before the brow of teamgloria gets Too Furrowed – it was delicious to end the long Week with a swim (6 times this week!) and tea in what was the set of You’ve Got Mail (the shop around the corner) on 68th and Columbus before heading to this divine Movie Palace.

fabulous start to the weekend ;)





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