warpaint, potions and mentors from beyond the veil..

must be the effects of the synthroid…..

but we’ve been thinking a lot about warpaint and potions….

even those we meet during the course of our floating – one hopes elegantly yet productively – “Adding Value” as they say (shudder) through the Day Job have opened their make-up bags to show what treasures lie within..

like jewels or delicately flavored/flavoured/juicy-enhanced sweeties/candy/sugar-fest

mentors from beyond the veil surely had sweetness in their powder-pink satin lined clutches…

well maybe Jane Trahey just had a slim nut brown pencil and perhaps a vintage tin of vaseline for harsh winter lips. carrie donovan used mascara and a witty line to great effect behind those famous glasses. edith head would have a jar of brilliantine to slick down those bangs/fringe, carmel snow could apply a beauty spot to enhance a cover shot with a dash of daring, shirley polykoff had a stash of miss clairol for those touch-ups, and she may well have lent a box to mary wells and then there’s diana V

here we are this morning, asking DV for some guidance….

every woman needs a dash of daring, some mystery, a witty line, chutzpah, GLORIAousness and, sure, a cute make-up clutch.

we have one in the swimsuit bag too.

because exercise makes us feel powerful – and just downright delicious.

five times last week. pretty good, huh?

especially for someone who went through this not so long ago….

how was your day, darlings?



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