a fascinating life. despite the early years in a burgundy blazer and beret.

We had the most fascinating day today.

of the meetings we had today – one person was of noble extraction, another incredibly wired from within a country one might not think people would be, some people today were gifted writers and photographers (albeit not necessarily for their Day Job), others had a subtly glam line in silver jewelry, there was a pixie cut, a land of the rising sun discussion combined with the dubious charm of vegas and the sterility of new towns and a former teen prodigy, of what, we cannot say.


And to think that we were in a cross mood because we found out about something we Felt we should have been Involved in. But had we been it would have been tortuous so why did we care. It was not until we sat in a cafe before our evening’s engagement that we composed our thoughts and spirits and Realized what Fascinating People we met today.

there’s a lesson in that, darlings.

And someone Very well brought up (or learned it from Noel coward diaries like we did) sent a charming thank you note/card/deliciousness.

All this and the letters of Ursula nordstrom to read post evening’s delights and before Lights Out as they used to say at boarding school.

*we wish we had the softly draped tunic and devil may care ribbon sash. sadly teamgloria was forced to wear beige (shudder) knee highs, to the knee flared navy skirt, burgundy (shudder) blazer and a Tie. the only redeeming feature was a beret. Alas, you guessed it – burgundy.

Clearly – judging by our Most Interesting meetings today – it was sufficiently Character building to provide a glorious life ;)


2 thoughts on “a fascinating life. despite the early years in a burgundy blazer and beret.

  1. And the lesson? The need to take steps back? To let go of what we cannot control anyway? (These are my lessons I’m working on… I’m projecting, forgive me.)

    Oh, for a brief period of time in a café, to think, to watch, to be unhurried and unworried or at least pretend as much. In a Big City.

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