take the long way home.

Sometimes it is best to take the long way home…….breathing and dreaming of future years in a Quite different life.

Thank you jw/1 :)

jw/1’s car (actually this is j/w2’s car) looks like Tron!



We crossed 57th.


And walked to grand central station.

Where we people-gazed. Ate a lobster puff or three (a dinner party in connecticut in a waxed paper bag). And sipped a skim latte. Shopped a little at body shop (memories of 80s England and peppermint foot lotion and elderflower eye gel) and slowly made our way home.

Something happened in the immigration process today that shocked us.

We are ok.

But someone else has our file now, apparently.

We can’t say anymore, darlings.

But if there’s one thing that Freaks out teamgloria, it’s Anything to do with The impending (please!) green Card.

Talking of teamgloria.

Look what we found today.


Peels of laughter when we spotted the card.

Quelle joy.

More than made up for the Scare around the immigration Status ;)

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