an unexpected pleasure.

we’re heading to…….are you around?

This is Exactly how we thought it would be when we were growing up.

One would finish a long Day’s work doing Very Important things.

And yet still have time to blow bubbles against the manhattan backdrop.

Go for a walk (and another Swim!) at lunchtime swathed in cashmere against the nippy weather.

Someone divine at a meeting would be rocking Ralph Lauren Couture.

One would finish work as the night fell and the twinkly lights glittered over gotham.

Read something delicious on the subway home (and send a mash note to the author…….and get a response which was a lovely surprise…)

Then send a text (quelle Modern as William would say.

heading to X – fancy joining us?

And then one of our Very Elegant friends drops in, to chat for a while….


Before we both hug and head out into the night once more.

Another day in new york.

Just like the movies, darlings. .

Bet the scar is glad it picked teamgloria….

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