phone love.

this just in –

we just wanted to share our phone love with you.

william‘s phone in the boudoir in england (note the camp-yet-tasteful danny la rue coffee cup coaster)

the one hanging on the wall in his kitchen (lovely soothing shade of green paint behind the heavy cream ceramic)

and a rich tomato shade for the sitting room

just in case you wondered, they are all variations of the GPO 746 series – but of course you knew that ;)

and here’s the teamgloria doris day princess phone (we just have one but it’s on a 50 ft cord so we can use it at our large farmhouse table, on the sofa, in the boudoir or – in the bath like doris herself)

ever since we saw pillow talk we wanted a phone we could use in a bubble bath spot of flirting-ness

although, on closer inspection, doris’ phone looks more like those in the house-of-william. 

what’s your phone like, darlings?


do say something - do :-)

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