an unexpected pleasure.

you have a brand!


we definitely have a Voice.

being gloria has made being the person-we-are-in-real-life So much Nicer.

the exclamation was from our Very Chic business dinner guest whom, recently, we trusted with the knowledge that we are gloria and when we gave her one of our new postcards she smiled and said “you are a brand”

Such an Amusing thought.

Now to the more usual fare – pictures from our day, darlings.

We swam, we brunched, we walked to meetings and back and slipped into the Lincoln center for a sculptural moment in admiration. Lots of the Day Job and then a glam business supper. Home now. Tired beyond belief. But happy.


Then today’s #photoofthedaychallenge was #somethingyoumade



It’s the original screenplay where we first started talking – as gloria, darlings.

Such fun.

4 thoughts on “an unexpected pleasure.

  1. Love being the glam dinner guest…okay I will admit that I am on the site for the first time (was pinning postcard on my inspiration board—btw, will the verb “pinning” still have an analog meaning after pinterest?). Amazing site, visuals and voice.

    Go green card!!!!

  2. My darling,

    Hmmm…that last photo looks like a potential film script to me. Maybe you should start practicing your “pitch” to the studio…



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