the Paris of fashion insiders #update!

This just in! The terribly Chic author responded to our email so you can buy your own copy here……

Just returned from a Deeply interesting talk at McNally Jackson 20120124-213902.jpg20120124-213908.jpg20120124-213914.jpg
But by Far the most exciting discovery of the evening was a divine book we purchased that was self-published and self-printed by someone anonymous and especially glamorous on the print a book machine at McNally Jackson.


The author reveals nothing but an email address: guide.Paris(at)

The illustrator is Caroline andrieu at untitled07


Sadly no blog or ebook link to download……..of course we shall send this page to the delicious author and ask him/her/undecided_gender_de_season and see if we can update you…….we Need this on the iTouch pour Paris, cheri.

This just in: voila! To buy click here!


5 thoughts on “the Paris of fashion insiders #update!

  1. Divine One,

    The lesser mortals might call you a Perfect Fiend for leaving us (me, in particular) to go off to Paris.

    You know how I feel about Paris, and what a terrific idea for a book! A must have, and please do what you can for all of us who care.

    While choking with envy, I noticed a mention of a trip out to Versailles…

    If anything, (and I strongly suggest this to all Gloria’s readers) when at Versailles, Please, Please, Please see the Petit Trianon. Recently opened after a three year, complete interior restoration, it is a breathtaking experience. The highly refined (and quite simple) interiors are extraordinary examples of exquisite mid to late 18th century French architecture, design and decor. The color palettes alone are worth the price of admission.

    The grounds, especially in late winter, provide enough melancholy for even the most demanding romantic.

    One can buy a ticket just for the Petit and the Grand Trianons (open 12:00 to 5:00)…quite enough to pack into one thrilling, aesthetically exhausting day.

    Do see the Petit Trianon. Do!

    Love you more than ever,

  2. What a delectable discovery. (All the more reason to prowl bookstores and pay attention.)

    Paris seems to be screaming at me every which way, ces jours-ci… Any trips for you planned any time soon – to put this book to good use?

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