feeling philosophical…


the view over the Hudson sent us into a reverie this afternoon…..isn’t it transportingly lovely?

sometimes, here at teamgloria, we feel Rather Philosophical.

the moment passes. usually we get distracted.

by a dashing (Canadian!) iPhone case…

a friendly dragon “happy chinese new year!” on a Terribly Elegant french mini clutch on silk (is there any other way to carry a mini clutch?)

or a strange yet welcome visitor carrying this young love’s dream.

and then, when they’ve gone, and we are listening to something elegant and mystical and joyful (confession: our selection of Classical music is often “greatest hits for marriages and other Ceremonies” but they do have a lovely Range to uplift and soothe – nothing like an Overture for Organ to put one in the mood) we get philosophical again.

thinking about the Future/

when we really just need to grab the excel document and try to make sense of the “numbers” #sigh. not our strong suit. we’re more of a Visionary (if you hadn’t guessed) but Needs Must.

and then we look out of the window again and wonder where we’ll be in, say, five month’s time.

even coming back to earth is a little bit Magical because in 3 and a half weeks we’ll be taking a Long Weekend on the Other Coast.

and in (very nearly) six weeks we will be in Paris.

isn’t life delicious?

whatever happens. there’s always a good view and a philosophical bent.

we’ve even been indulging in a little reading around the Subject – we did ask for recommendations but the languidly-smart-human in question never got back to us so we went and did our Own Searching.


the things one learns when one goes looking for new thought (not so much New Thought –  as concepts-that-are-new) and ideas and then we got tired and a bit scratchy and had to choose which DVD to select pour ce soir.

we have Quite the Collection.

some of them are French (and Very Philosophical).

others are just full of beautiful people in beautiful locales.

which is Rather Nice too.

what’s your favorite/favourite/choicest movie/film/moment to get You through the winter nights, darlings?

do tell (in the comment place below…..or in email to us if you know us and it’s an Embarrassing movie and we Promise not to tell ;-)


4 thoughts on “feeling philosophical…

  1. i love seeing ‘our’ mini dragon – thank you for sharing.

    did you see which i am sure you were first in line – The Artist?

    take care Gloria. xx

  2. I’m not an avid film watcher, any time of year but the Bond films are always exciting. Usually dangerous, lusty, full of adventure and luxury, they remind me of what tantalizing travels can be had in the next few seasons. In the meanwhile, I can indulge in the glory of being a bonafide woman who can independently pamper myself and win games against any sly gentleman – a feat hardly seen in a single Bond film. Enjoy!

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