where is the Hogarth Press of today, darlings?

we need to share.

will you listen for a moment?

we Really want to do book 1 = “how to stay sane in a crazy world”.

we have a Most Delicious cover, courtesy of our design competition on 99designs.

we have an introduction:

I used to make my living from writing.

And then it all stopped and so I went and did something else, part of which entailed a whole new look from Brooks Brothers (it wasn’t really me, but it was necessary). A decade later (still working as a suit), I started to write again – during nights and weekends and frustrated lunchtimes and long haul business travel. One of the things I wrote (or which came to me, as I do believe in the whole muse concept) was a screenplay about a character called “gloria”, a trainee angel who sat “up there” waiting for her first assignment.

To occupy the hours she ought to have been studying humans and their foibles, she spent her time glued to the new celestial movies-on-demand channel and became obsessed by Doris Day. So you can imagine the confusion that unfolded when she arrived in modern-day Manhattan. But “gloria” was determined to see the world through rose-colored glasses with a delicious joy at life. So magical adventures started to happen.

I was really stressed with my (by now pretty big) day job. Suddenly I needed to see the world through gloria’s beautiful lens, or I was going to crack up. I started an anonymous blog to give me a place to write in gloria’s voice – it became teamgloria.com – and I started to document “glorious people, places and things”.

But then, in my real life, something terrible happened. My doctor found a tumor, in my throat. After a year of regular ultrasounds and biopsies, suddenly there were three tumors – and a mass was found which required a five and a half hour surgery. My blog became a place to tell the truth about entering the realm of the unwell, under a necessary cloak of anonymity.

Despite a long career in digital, I had never had the very personal experience of writing a blog. It had not occurred to me to do this anonymously before. And my job made it awkward to do under my own name. I had no idea how precious and moving it would be to see people responding, linking to me, sharing my words, and adding their own  “glorious people, places and things”. They gave me strength to go through the frightening and painful experience of surgery and recovery.

It was an incredible experience – I became part of a larger online community of people for the first time – and started to make this book while on medical leave of absence from work, sorting through all the photographs I had taken while traveling the world for the day job. It became, in effect, a meditation book.

In Renaissance Italy, women of noble birth would have a Book of Hours; a devotional object that gave them room to pause, to take a moment, to become spiritually refreshed.

It’s a crazy world out there. Most of us are stressed beyond belief. Perhaps a modern Book of Hours is needed: some beautiful images and a few carefully chosen words to inspire and soothe a troubled soul. Use this book, with its gentle suggestions, as your own little slice of tranquility.

Take the time to look after yourself. Find the gloriousness in your everyday life. Relish the delightful sparks of inspirational magic. You are important. You matter. It took writing as “gloria” to help me realize this. Don’t wait until you get sick, like I did…………..

Over at teamgloria.com we would love to hear about your glorious people, places and things. It would be delicious to meet you.

we have an introductory quote – from George’s first book


She’d shown me that it was possible to dream big and live large. She’d moved to New York and now traveled everywhere in a glamorous job in the world of high finance.

“My darling I’ve just gotten back from being around the world,” I heard her say without preliminaries. “Twice, actually,” she added while I was still wondering what had possessed me to pick up the phone. It had rung without any reaction on my part. I had ignored it, I could only assume, for as long as was humanly possible.

“I’m dying to hear the news,” she continued. “How are you? Tell me everything.”

On Wings of Affection by George Snyder (c) 2011

(available on Amazon and in all good bookshops)

and we have some Truly Delicious photographs:

with witty captions:

be camp.

and thoughtful observations about Life..

get a new perspective

there are photographs from abroad…

this one we took in INDIA, darlings.

and this one, just before we rushed back to Cathedral Close, for tea (as you can see on the clock, twilight approached).

but here’s the rub (as Shakespeare used to say)…..

we’ve tried to various self-publishing routes – blurb is lovely (but the resulting product was Awfully Expensive in printed form so impossible as a small business concept) – Lulu looked promising – but none are really designed for photography-based books. we even had a Most Encouraging conversation with the people at createspace (shhh, owned by amazon) but they are only equipped for illustrations, not for us….


oh where oh where is the enterprising Virginia of a Hogarth Press type operation of today?

we’d love to pop over there (wherever they are) for tea – with a Sheaf of prints, a thumbdrive or two (with a blue ribbon attached for easy finding in the bottom-of-the-bag), ideas for the cover and a mug of tea in our hands as we nod and listen to Mrs. Woolf and her ideas for us.

it just doesn’t feel possible to do ourselves.

any ideas, darlings?

in the meantime, Manhattan has become a Winter Wonderland.

we awoke to the crunchy sound of those little roller machines that people use to lay salt on the ground and the hush of snow-bound streets and branches heavy with frost.

after a mug of milky coffee and some crunchy vaguely healthy appearing cereal we headed out into the day – tis saturday – so there was therapy (So Many Revelations!) after a long SWIM.

this was our locker at the swimming pool.

crammed with new yorker style black clothing, you note, right?

we are Nothing if not on brand, love.

post-therapy there was a delicious brunch with the elegant and slightly raffishly unshaven JT.

we do love having stylish gorgeous friends.

don’t you?

after all – you are our friends.

so if you have Any Ideas about how to get a lovely small-format photography book (print and e-book) made – Do let us know!

thanks for listening.

we feel better now.

oh – one more thing – the scar did Not Like being under the turtleneck yesterday – tis itchy today. ouch. and another thing – oh, no, sadly, sigh, we can’t share that. just a little romantic possibility that faded like bubbles into the daylight.

deep sigh.

so good for the Art though ;-)


you Understand, non?

2 thoughts on “where is the Hogarth Press of today, darlings?

  1. I understand, yes.
    Oh boy, do I understand.
    If only I could and I had the room, I’d set up a press just like Virginia and Leonard did, and give you your Hogarth Press. I would. Yes, I would.

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