terribly TriBeCa and a glorious tradeshow @capsuleshow #capsuleNY

yesterday was MLK day in the USA #respect and so we had the day Off from the Day job and did something a Little Different.

we went Fashion. as the Americans might say. Or, to quote a brit – we trolleyed our way to a tradeshow. And it was fascinating.



Such deliciously beautiful people of both – actually all genders if you get our drift. And the divine sight of seeing mid-40 something Japanese designers speaking fluent Italian – que glam!

The show is called capsule.

And appears in Other capital cities around the world.

We may well visit them All.

We felt Very much at home with the international fashion Set. Quelle chic.

So chic, in fact, that we walked south (in the Freezing wind) and went all terribly TriBeCa for brunch with New Friends at Robert DeNiro’s place.

Not his actual apartment, darling. But his hotel. The Greenwich Hotel.

Very Monastery luxe, non?

And then – just now – before we head out into the biting winds in Tuesday – a lovely telephone call from Abroad.

We do love having friends in Foreign lands.





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