Dionysius and Apollo and spring cleaning.

we’ve been doing a little research on some of the – how can we put this – deeper issues that have suddenly emerged in therapy and it all comes down to Dionysius and Apollo.


We started with Nietzsche post swimming this morning. And will be moving onto Jung tomorrow (for Martin Luther King day – no day job so a little studying won’t go amiss.


And then we cleaned house.

Because all that Inner Work is rather invigorating.


And in the struggle between the licentious forces of Dionysius and the moral imperial strength of Apollo (and we mean the Greek god, not the captain of Galactica, darlings ;) one just needs a Good spring Clean.


Before having tea ready for Cyril’s arrival.

We adore having friends who are in their Eighties.

Such wisdom.

And a Lot of Tales of Dionysius.

(and other 60s hangout joints in the Village).

10 thoughts on “Dionysius and Apollo and spring cleaning.

    1. Ooooo. Tickled Pink to see your comment here, dear Sophisticate ;)


      The view is delicious.

      We have a feeling you may actually know the two chaps who have renovated the Federal house opposite.

      They have not only a Library.

      But a vintage Globe too.

      Definitely your sort of People.

      _TG xx

  1. Cleaning house. Literally and metaphorically. How essential it is (how I wish I were better at both).

    But the tea?

    I’m good at that part. And I think will indulge, as it encourages wandering into a little bit of the other sorts of sorting out…

    1. we feel a warm wave of permission-ness on the indulging – thank you, D – read a quote from William Blake about going to the edge to find the limit – seemed to help……not sure why, on reflection, but it did – gave the searching a Purpose. One Presumes ;)

      Enjoy your tea.

      Waving at you from down on the couch curled up with a book in the sultry warmth chez nous.

  2. It’s a constant battle with those two, Dionysius and Apollo, and that’s not the half of it, I can tell you. How I get anything done at all with the two of them at each other day and night is anyone’s guess. High moral ground one minute and the next I’m in the gutter. And I haven’t even left the house! Glad to know I’m not the only one struggling, I suppose. XXXXXX

    1. dearest george

      we are now Utterly Confused with our philosophical research into the ID, ego and opposing forces that claim one needs to attempt a “third thing” (Jung, Carl) to supersede and bring into harmony.

      So we picked up With Nails (richard e grant’s diaries) and find that he has a much better explanation all round.

      The Modern world can be Trying.


      _tg x

  3. Here on the Ile Saint Louis, we are mad for a good Spring cleaning. It’s very good for the hotel particulier. One’s inner hotel particulier, that is…



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