some days are So much more glam than others……#moleskine #mooCards #JilSander #perfectlyglamcloset

today was that day.

dP wore some very seriously elegant wellington boots (actually we’re cheating – she wore those yesterday but we are reflecting upon them today for the purposes of discussing Glamourous-ness)

we awoke to open the post and received a Very lovely Parcel (from India, no less).

the #photoadaychallenge today was #inyourbag – note large Jackie O glasses, hand cream (very lady-of-a-certain-age), thumbdrive (very geek-of-a-certain-vintage), various hand-held devices, a notebook and a lovely card case from smythsons (from a while ago but this  style, in black, naturally), moleskine journal and delicious teamgloria cards from our friends at moo…..

at one Elegant business meeting, we took a sneak peek into the Lady Executive’s shoe closet and (yes we asked Permission!) styled it before taking a picture to share with you.

and another of a splendidly austere and correctly logo-ed Jill Sander fragrance (apparently global supplies running out – do let us know if you see any! we’ll pass on the information ASAP………a lady and her chosen scent will thank you)

finally (and it’s only Just Lunchtime, darlings) someone delicious in a camel coat and a gorgeous slinky bag from Hong Kong came to visit….

some days are achingly glamorous.

today was that day.

especially when we got to say “when we’re in Paris” and “we Might be in Munich that day…”

who would have thought? from whence we came, love ;-)

just saying……


4 thoughts on “some days are So much more glam than others……#moleskine #mooCards #JilSander #perfectlyglamcloset

  1. “some days are achingly glamorous”

    That in itself is pretty glam if you ask me.

    Now about those parcels. Where does one acquire friends who still send them? Ah. Perhaps I ought to begin sending a few of my own. The tiny gift with a handwritten note in a mailing envelope. The trinket purchased at a flea market or farmer’s market, readily boxed and wrapped and shipped for a few dollars.

    We seem to have forgotten these pleasures. Of giving and receiving. Tokens of another time, perhaps. But one we ought to reconsider.

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