satin, steinway, swimming – and a chandelier #teamgloriaday #delicious


am Rushing Out the Door (to catch a movie or something diverting to re-focus our cultural brains on something nourishing….)

here’s our day in pictures. it was delicious. and, although Tis Dark outside – the night has not ended…

today’s entry to the #photoadaychallenge (“where we sleep”)

we Adore a Chandelier (as you know) and the The Peninsula on Fifth Avenue has a lovely example of a Rather Grand one – yes, another splendid Business Breakfast took place..

twas still Early following breakfast so we popped on a warm cloche hat (very Chic – agnes b – bought in Paris, naturellement, cherie/cheri/darlings) and soft gloves and took a stroll back to the Day Job past Steinway on 57th.

we also had a business meeting later on, at a lovely Italian cafe – isn’t the jaunty young blade on a Vespa rather Splendid?

yes. two business meals in one day and you can bet your bottom dollar (wasn’t that a 1950s musical number in a Hollywood movie?) that we Swam Lengths during the afternoon at the new club.

most refreshing.

isn’t that a very new York executive day?

the scar drew a little attention in the changing room at the Club as we threw back our (lustrous head of) hair to make sure it was dry before returning to work.

it didn’t seem to mind.

in fact, the scar is rather happy when it gains notoriety.

in a James Bond throat slit sort of a way.


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