chicken soup, by candlelight. @kelleyping




Quality problems?

Ha. Yes ;)

New perspective required?

Sigh. Ok.

woke up early and went for a walk before the Day Job?


Took pictures for the #photoadaychallenge?


Oh yes. (loving this 30 days of commissioning type activity on instagram.)

Today’s theme was childhood.

Pictures from today (vesuvio park, NYC) and at @yolksilverlake in Los Angeles over the hols.

And after the Day Job bit in the middle and meeting-up-with-friends this evening. We stopped in at @kelleyping for some chicken soup by candlelight.

in the midst of our Day, we joined equinox. To Swim. (our local pool is closing soon and we realize that the Synthroid Effect isn’t going away…..stress needs to be alleviated and curves Tamed.)

Desperate Times, darlings.

We have to remember it was only 16 weeks ago since you_know-what

On the Plus side: someone Splendid sent us an email and we felt Instantly Better for the attention ;)

I know that surgery is NO JOKE. Not that you ever want surgeons rummaging around anywhere in your body like it’s the dollar bin, but your neck? Good friggin grief. And it sounds like they got a whole surprise once they got in there.

We Adore Americans.

not only enthusiastic and embracingly warm but beautifully direct.

Thank You cb. We tip our hat to you.

4 thoughts on “chicken soup, by candlelight. @kelleyping

  1. 16 weeks. It seems long ago. And not long at all. Time has a way of doing that, doesn’t it? Stretching out taut and expansively one minute, folding in on itself the next.

    Chicken soup & candlelight. Both are good. Together, better.

  2. a future idea – teaching young children how to take photos and post on their little sites….love the children ‘touches’…. xx jc

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