saturday #atlast


yesterday was a blur.

shell-shocked, a Bit.

nothing we can share.

Day Job nonsense.


we know You would Understand.

But in the end, not That Important.

funny how a good night’s sleep, long phonecalls and teas and walks with friends to Talk It Over and an Early Start and a Swim (!!) and a soothing cafe au lait makes it all better.

and browsing among the comforting stacks at housing works.

taking Time to marvel At The Sunset.

being thrilled that Other Lovely People are starting to envision a brighter future (and getting creative).

Ordering a full set of teamgloria postcards from the delicious people at

participating in the #photoadaychallenge on instagram (day 5 = #makesyousmile)

day 6 is this;

#photoadaychallenge #favourite

What else Helped?

Oh Yes.

Early morning walk to the swimming pool (doesn’t downtown look like it is playing the part Of England today, darlings?)

and now we are here.

Le Pain quotidien on bleecker.

Do drop by.

We’ll share the curious bits of the FT with you.

How nice that would be.

Do tell – how are you spending such a delicious glorious day? Answers on a teamgloria postcard. Or, you know, in the bit below.


For Now.

our wounds are but surface.

we shall prevail ;)

And Awfully Elegantly too.

6 thoughts on “saturday #atlast

  1. Your Saturday sounds peaceful, and peaceful is always good, except of course when we crave excitement, flights of fancy, a change of scene, of pace, of place, of face… or even disappearing without a trace… even if only for two or three days and nights no doubt needing, again, a spot of peace.

    Rain. Laundry. Words.

    Now, the smell of eggs frying in a pan (by a young man, the Bottomless Food Pit), then, hopefully, a little quiet and book.

    Les cartes postales. Delicious.

    1. Rain. Laundry. Words.

      D – a divine Saturday haiku. :)

      Hoping your novel was lovely.

      And your Sunday morning suitably refreshing and romantic and wistful.

      _TG x

    1. darling – feels like you Are here………mentally sliding the article about anthony sher across to you and saying “isn’t that interesting?”

      _tg xx

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