is the cold weather more romantic in Paris than manhattan?

It is very cold in NYC tonight.

But romantic.

We took this en route from the back of a cab as the traffic stalled outside the Plaza. Can you see the fountains? Divine.

Reminded us of Paris.

As did the toile on the walls of the ladies’ powder room at the Yale Club (Very intellectual Lunch, darlings)

So when we got home (post acupuncture to relieve the Synthroid effect after surgery), we watched Paris, the movie.

Have you seen it?


Juliette Binoche is high strung and richly sensuously female. Romain is agonizingly triste as the man who finds his life is sadly coupe/curtailed. And there’s an Enormous amount of unrequited love and talk About Love and lots of straggly yet unkempt and lusciously appealing long hair being tossed as scarves are unwound upon entree au cafe. Delicious.

We shall be in Paris in March.

Juliette Binoche celebrates her birthday on march 9th. The same day as someone Very close to teamgloria (ah, non, we cannot say who).

8 thoughts on “is the cold weather more romantic in Paris than manhattan?

  1. Love Juliette Binoche. Haven’t seen the movie. (Did you ever see “Jet Lag” with Jean Réno? Quirky film. I found it delightful.)

    As for the question: For some of us, cold weather is ONLY romantic in New York or Paris. but I’ll take Paris.


    1. oh yes! love jet lag. especially the scene in the awful orange-y nasty textiles motel room where she removes all that make up and is just transcendent and both characters slowly start to melt…….must watch that again.

      ha! agree with you re. cold weather. #notafan

      _tg x

    1. also romantic = a small chalet in the swiss alps with a helicopter to sweep you in under a large cashmere blanket inherited from elizabeth taylor ;-)


  2. First, practically anything is more romantic in Paris than in Manhattan. It may sound extreme, but then, I am a creature of extremes.

    There, I’ve said it…and I’m glad I’ve said it.

    Second, how really thrilling for you to hear from Armistead Maupin! What a wonderful surprise whle multi-tasking!

    Adore you,


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