armistead wrote to us *blush* #divine


we were trying to have a Very Serious grown-up conversation with someone vaguely important at the Day Job (luckily on the phone – and not a new fangled video recording cellular device either ;-) and we had to Gasp (we were multi-tasking, as usual)….

Armistead Maupin wrote back to us.

oh. how Delicious.


just lovely. truly overwhelmingly gorgeous.

and we were having Such a Blah Day.

no longer, darlings.

and there’s a lunch at one of those Fancy clubs in midtown for an interesting speaker in Our Field.


feeling So Much Better.

thank you, Armistead.

(and thank you William for sending us the CDs of Armistead to keep us company during you-know-what)


we are smiling ever such a lot right now.

oh! yes – of course – we forgot to share this with you….today’s entry for the #photoadaychallenge on instagram – today’s tag = #somethingyouwore

yesterday’s was #letterbox.

yes, we enjoy the sheer randomness of the competition too.

but back to the most important News: Armistead Maupin wrote to us.

happy sigh.


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