roses, chandelier, books #thingsweadore


jet lag has made us Very Fuzzy (dans la tete).

but we stayed up past witching hour to “assemble assets” so we can talk to the lovely people at createspace (the secret epublishing team at amazon) tomorrow for Book 1 “how to stay sane in a crazy world”.

oh, right.

And we were back at the Day Job today (thank goodness for dP or we would have got confused and been all californian instead of on the ball and back in executive land ;)


started the day with a good breakfast (note pink roses bought as gift to self)

back at the View from the Top office ;)

if you’re on instagram, we have taken the 30 day photo a day challenge -Fun!

Here’s our day 3:

you could have guessed at our entry ;)

books, chandeliers and roses.

And parcels.

We Adore a parcel.

JG just sent us a “screener” from hollywood! Off to get into PJs/pyjamas/satin-ness and watch it now….it’s from the new Laura Dern show “Enlightened” (about a woman who returns to her Corporate Job after medical leave from a nervous breakdown – we didn’t have Exactly that – although our nerves were certainly bruised and burned during surgery and after…..but we can – as the Americans say – Relate, darlings.)

2 thoughts on “roses, chandelier, books #thingsweadore

  1. books, chandeliers, roses… what’s not to love?

    (I could happily look at pictures of that sort and other interiors all day and be content. interesting art as part of it, preferably.)

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