home from the holidays; sleep.


remind us that a Red Eye back from the Other Coast (alas in Coach) is not the best idea ;)


manhattan looked crisp and cold and blue and full of pulsing energy as we waited in the long taxi line/queue/gatheringofpeopleinblackhomefromtheholidays.

we unpacked.

took a look at our lovely apartment.

opened All the Lovely Post!

took a short nap.

a longish walk.

and then Slept the rest of the day.

Jetlag descends.

Oh, the glamour of travel, darlings.

Are You Well?

How were Your Holidays?!

6 thoughts on “home from the holidays; sleep.

  1. “Pulsing energy.”


    Glad you’re back.

    Our holidays? Wonderful Christmas Eve (multi-generational Norman affair), somewhat tiring Christmas Day (chez moi – multinational and multi-generational again), a quiet New Year’s which was lovely – both my sons partying… elsewhere.

    (May we rest now?)


    1. yes, Time to Rest.

      and smell the roses.

      perhaps open up a much loved vintage novel and drift into some other delicious land of the imagination.


      _tg xx

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