a sunday in Ojai (sunday evening flight to manhattan)


a long drive back south to Los Angeles after a beautiful sunday in Ojai.

we awoke early.

Texted George in his room.

we’re awake!

and then All the Sunday papers and a stroll around the gorgeous grounds at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa (post delicious breakfast).

Isn’t it quite the loveliest place?

A shangri-la indeed….






Then the final invigorating swim (an whirly soft salt water spa).

The drive back from Ojai was splendid. George told us tales from the next book in his series about Didier and Pam (Ed: don’t yet own a copy??).

and now, finally, we’re back in Los Angeles –

Do you recognize this abode/chateau/dwelling? Clue: vampire slayers Long before twilight ;)

Tonight we fly back to our life in manhattan.

To see what adventures unfold in 2012, darlings.

Because teamgloria Always has adventures……and in a matter of weeks we’ll be embarking on La Vie JetSet once more.

Paris first. Madrid later. And perhaps we’ll take Berlin.


Our Day Job takes us to the Most Exciting places, bien sur.

And our Imagination is Boundless.


do say something - do :-)

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