Ojai: barts books and ranch house #divine

Isn’t this the Most Delicious bookshop In The World?!

barts books Ojai




This is the sine qua non of sumptuous flirting ;) and there were several copies at barts books – it’s that sort of place, darlings…..

We are now a toasty brown from all the swimming this week – so happy.



All (well, Not All) our troubles and cares have been dispersed into little bubbles and floated away as we swam lengths and lounged on the far sun chaise to the left.

George took a walk around Ojai Village – that’ll probably be up on 1904 shortly.

Then we met up and had a drive down winding and magical back lanes, deep into the countryside, until we found ourselves at the twinkly Ranch House for our new year’s supper.




Fabulous choice, George!

and now it’s getting to the late hour before the stroke of midnight strikes…..

(confession: actually it isn’t that late at all…….we can’t Possibly stay up until midnight oh no, gosh no. So George and teamgloria did a swift drive to the supermarket to get supplies like milk, satsumas and Greek yoghurt – just in case one Awakes Very early – and are now texting each other from our separate rooms while enjoying our delicious finds from barts books).

This isn’t the first time George and teamgloria have done a new year’s trip – (and to celebrate George’s birthday).

in fact, one year we went to a Franciscan Monastery called San Luis Rey for a silent retreat and wrote notes to each other as we were supposed to be silent and smiled beatifically over our simple yet nourishing fare in the long tabled refectory after a restful night’s writing and being generally Very Spiritual and peaceful in our monks’ cells.

That was a Splendid occasion.


And Ojai just topped it.

Couldn’t be happier, love.

Happy 2012!!

Most Exciting.

And we feel 2012 will be Utterly delicious (said with something of a naughty flirtatious twinkle and a general all-round sparkly-ness).

6 thoughts on “Ojai: barts books and ranch house #divine

  1. My Dearest Darling,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And what a Wonderful, Exciting year it’s going to be all around.

    I am so excited and inspired by you, your new, brilliant and varied plans and most of all, your cherished friendship.

    Here’s to a Divine 2012!!!

    All my love!!!


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