To Ojai: with George.


We are Packed and Ready for the Road…..

Off to Ojai with George. S. Snyder from 1904 blog and novelist of two published tomes and one more on the way.

Perhaps a plot shall unfold in his mind as teamgloria drives the black (alas no tinted windows) sporty’ish car up the 101N.

A moment of lyricism for you now:

We had tea with a chum from University, now living here in Los Angeles, this week. And he (TE) gave us a most lovely gift of Verse (assorted).


Until Ojai, dear friends……

4 thoughts on “To Ojai: with George.

  1. My dearest Darling,

    What a smart and stylish photo! And what exquisite verse. The “Love’s feeling is more soft…” transported me for a moment.

    What a lovely gift to discover today!

    Miss you,


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