The London.

Darlings – such a glam last day of the Year (and not quite over).

Driving into the sunset again (heading west, lilac rose pink skies).

After a Delicious tea with a new friend – the goddess-like Erica Moore-Burton


we talked about life and books and spirit and chance and bravery and England.


And an excellent choice – The London hotel in west Hollywood.

Isn’t it glorious?






Yes. Well-spotted. All of our Favorite/favourite/choicest Things!

chandeliers, mosaic floors, quiet ballrooms, creme and butterscotch shade scheme and Tea. And quirky English idiom diffused by southern California sunshine.

Erica Moore-Burton (our tea guest) is an author and a gifted speaker – in the great tradition of inspirational LA speakers (but with a lovely British accent – all her own).

we read it and did all the Exercises (we are nothing if not a terrible Overachiever as You Know, darlings ;)

If you’d like to start 2012 off with a boost and a new direction, here’s where you can find a copy: P. I. N. K.

do say something - do :-)

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