distracted driver campaign & sundae-soothing

good morning, darlings!

the terrace is twinkling with early morning sunlight kisses.

we are by the window – coffee, LA Times and a moleskine to write within.

we had a rather difficult night…..despite both surrounded by beauty in our room – and in the pictures taken during the day inside magical Los Angeles places (like the Restoration Hardware showroom on Robertson).

it was hard to sleep because – can we confess this to you? We’ve been through so much with your help, we feel sure you’ll understand.


We Ate A Sundae.

(yes, for our european friends, remember we are in America – this was not one scoop of peach Melba with a flake on the Pier. for our Asian friends, you’ll have no frame of reference, we apologize.)



we sort of though everything would be over and sorted and many days in a row we feel nothing – and then there’s a swollen throat, a tiredness and a feeling of sadness at seeing the Scar.

We are changed.

And we know that’s a Good Thing.

(one of our Teas-with-friends yesterday was notable for the admiring look as T said “looks like a knife wound!” – we liked that. Felt very female James Bond.)

perhaps the sundae was the result of the generalized flirting due to new synthroid physique – the come down.

or maybe it’s the last stretch of immigration waiting (over ten years now). And then a new chapter.

One thing we did notice is that all the friends we’ve visited this trip, at their homes, have owned beautiful houses with – very importantly – DOGS.

Is that what we seek next? Curiously yes.

maybe we are seeking sundae soothing for so many reasons.

Or maybe we are finally tired of the extreme self-denial of pleasure.

It took opening up our throat to say that.

On another note (moving swiftly on ;)

Los Angeles has implemented a:

distracted driver campaign.


No cellphones (we knew that). No texting (even with phone resting on lap at stop lights). No make up (puts down mascara wand on 110 during traffic thy crawls along). Careful with music changing from relaxation CD to Love Songs on the Kost (late night deep sobbing in a good way driving by the Ocean) or hard driving rock music on jack 93.1 (supertramp lyrics? We appear to know them all ;)

We’ll let you know…….

Off to the pool now.

Then a business/networking Tea at The London with a fabulous new friend.

And a gathering of like minded souls, a walk by twilight (celestial light setting not the teen dream celluloid fantasy) and supper with Bt.

But not another sundae. We woke up with sugar low. Ugh.

And yet an open mind.

That’s the desire for today.

And you?

How will you spend the penultimate day of 2011, darlings?

6 thoughts on “distracted driver campaign & sundae-soothing

  1. Darling, well with a couple of showbiz pals in Wapping, maybe a stroll along the river to try and see Boris’s fireworks. I toast you my wonderful friend, and to an exciting and enriching 2012. xxx

  2. Cleaning up and making fairy cakes and a tomato salsa for our multi-generations New Year’s Day party. Between now and then shall also think of a couple of other things to serve. Our little sprite is a huge fan of parties (as you saw when she poured tea so nicely.)

  3. So sorry the sundae experience was, well… less than what you had hoped.

    And on to other topics… I’m for no cell phones while driving (we are capable of training ourselves in the name of safety – not only our own, but others) and, I admit that my morning contemplation was over love letters, recalling a few, bittersweet, from long long ago… Another story entirely…

    As for New Year’s?

    Uncertain, as I find myself juggling (again) around two young men and their schedules, while still hoping that there may be the company of a very Nice Man whatever we may be doing, however ordinary (un français – did I need to say that?)

    Wishing you a very very healthy and happy 2012. May your team grow gloriously, and bring you all good things.

    1. ah – D – the exquisite reverie and pain of a former love/life’s evidence en lettre – we Do Understand.

      Hope there was a suitable fainting couch and tea and soothing Mozart as an accompaniment.

      Wishing you enriched experiences avec l’amour ou non – Bonne Annee!

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