Hooray for Hollywood, darlings.

our day is just So much more Delicious with a trip to a Hollywood Studio in it.

Thank you Gym, darling.




And Lots of Tea.

However this is Coffee.

And we’ve been drinking Rather Too Much of it recently ;)

It can make us a little Nuts.


So we are calmed by beauteous chandeliers nestling between branches.


And soothed by sunsets.

So there’s our secret in one fell swoop……jacked up on caffeine, soothed by sunsets; high on hollywood, gentle breakfasts bring us down to earth (or as near as we care to hang out near Reality).

We have yet to find a suitable antidote to Flirting.

Maybe we don’t need one yet.

Maybe we do.

Maybe we don’t care.

What do you think?

What soothes your fevered, hot and bothered and a tiny bit naughty brow?

Sunsets? Hotel terraces and English breakfast tea?

Do Tell.

4 thoughts on “Hooray for Hollywood, darlings.

  1. A lovely, long catch-up read …. you sound splendiferous.
    Flirt away, I say. Stop only when it stops being fun and starts running your life ;-)

    Who knew they were so good at chandeliers in LA … maybe I would enjoy it after all.
    Much love to you.

    1. When we move chez teamgloria back west, we are going to install Lots of chandeliers in the trees in our garden and invite you for the weekend to drink tea beneath the twinkling charms :)

    1. We shocked our good self with the sudden banter over your colleagues “ink” ;)

      Where Did That come From?

      We blame it on the synthroid ;)

      Or the lovely Parker and Lady P “still” (bless you for that!!)

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