a deliciously long day: sunrise to sunset

From west Hollywood to lake-of-silver to west Hollywood again (blissful Pool Time and-a-nap in the mellow sunshine) and down to Santa Monica.

A Lovely Day.

Very Sociable (thank you to Gym and GC and L then aH this evening for your splendid company!)

Oh yes, there’s pictures……


You knew there would be.


Comedy moment.

At our 7am breakfast occasion, g was very kind and said;

oh yes! I remember that happened to my sister!

(pointing not rudely but with love as we indicated more voluptuous on top-ness due to synthroid hormones (and, ahem, Toast).


We said, eagerly…

when did they deflate again



uh oh.

Oh well.

We’ve noticed the longer lustrous hair and Diana Dors boobs have made people So Friendly all of a sudden.

Pictures now!

No. From our Day ;)




Skylight Books (Los Feliz). The juxtaposition is deliberate, darlings.

Glorious new acquaintance – and definitely a friend of teamgloria – back garden deck terrace tea with G and L.



Oh. Yes. Please.

This is what our outdoor palazzo will look like one day.

Delicious. And Ever so (sw)elegant.


Twinkly lights down main street in ocean park.


And a Most Excellent evening chez aH.

It’s late!

We’re not sure what time zone we are now on.

But – as we said to some lovely friends today – whatever we are becoming, in whatever time zone it is, it is all Rather exciting.

Don’t you agree?

how was your Boxing Day? Do tell.

2 thoughts on “a deliciously long day: sunrise to sunset

  1. The pictures are all so evocative.

    So many moods. (I do love a diversity of moods.)

    Days of college students milling about, in and out, all hours of the night (mostly), food in process, food consumed, food cleanup (*sigh* and aghast); they sleep by day and party by night while the adults attempt some small measure of sanity around their socializing habits… happy to have them (all) here, and yet, déjà, growing weary…

    And the chill of midday settles in through the silver skies and dampened leaves, as cabbage soup is begun…

    1. Dearest D

      We imagine you leaving the College crowd to their conversations of Life and whatever philosophical angst they talk about (still the same refrain one imagines) and slipping upstairs, a tray of sweet coffee from Marrakech and Turkish delight to listen to opera.

      Have a peaceful bonne annee.

      _TG x

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