*waving_from_the_rooftop_pool* #losangeles

And We’re BACK.

So happy.

Checked in. And 20 mins later. Unpacked and swimming lengths.

Not to be Too rude darlings, but we have to get fit again. The synthroid (ahem – and the vast quantities of comfort eating ever since the “we found a tumor and there’s a mass and we have to operate” moment back in may) have given us…….how do we put this nicely?

Oh hell.

Nice be damned. Tis Christmas.

breasts like Diana Dors


We said it.

For our American friends, picture Jayne Mansfield.

For our friends in the East……you can’t possibly have a frame of reference, darlings. Trust us.

So there you go. Need to swim. And release the tension of the past year.

Mind you. We saw a friend from Abroad this past week and she said two excellent things (about us. She said lots of good things about many other Subjects too):

(on our physique, as we removed the pashmina)

good lord. Those are Impressive.

And…..as we showed her the Scar.

I rather like it.

Which was the Nicest response.

Because we do too.

(just in case you see us in LA this week – two things Not to say upon seeing the nicely healing Scar…)

that doesn’t look bad at all.


you can hardly see it.

We will either slap you. Or burst into tears. Or both.

Just to let you know ;)


Why Of Course!





Off to see George now (1904)

Can’t wait to do our show and tell with him.

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