merry christmas/eve: french 60s movies, to the playhouse and a brisk walk in a long, long black coat with voluminous hood.

Pictures, darlings!









A Delicious day.

A Christmas Carol at the delightful and completely charming canal park playhouse for the Terribly Talented Jimmy Kieffer’s spell-binding performance as Charles Dickens – Cheltenham Lady and teamgloria were Riveted and highly engaged (and warm from the calming tea beforehand in the theatre/inn cafe).

Then a Bracing Walk in the biting cold.

Thank goodness for long, long, sweeping black Russian coat.

Cheltenham Lady said:

you remind us of our very glamorous cousin from Paris.

Which was Exactly the Look we were going for, darlings.

Then a meeting with like minded friends. A light early supper. And off to see Last Year In Marienbad.

Which is much harder going than we recall.

But nothing is Quite the same as when experienced as a not quite 20 year old is it? Even when one was in Paris.

4 thoughts on “merry christmas/eve: french 60s movies, to the playhouse and a brisk walk in a long, long black coat with voluminous hood.

  1. Dearest Friend,

    Just wanting to say Hello, and Merry Christmas!

    Am out here in Colorado with the family and loving it. Such fun to get in touch with one’s inner outdoorsman…I’m feeling rather rugged in jeans and two days growth.

    On another note…those chic little black dresses in the film you refer to were by Chanel…need one say more?

    One might say I have range where style is concerned…

    This holiday, I am feeling deeply grateful to have you and Gloria in my life. What a special person you are, and you, my dear, are the best gift of all. Who could ask for anything more?!!!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful time frolicking on the Other Coast, and I’ll see you in 2012!

    My eternal love,


  2. Cheri!

    Merry Christmas and all les affaires comme ca!


    And she also had a Divine bobbed hairdo.

    The shift dresses were simple, elegant and deliciously severe.

    Impenetrable script.

    Must have been easier to comprehend when Very young, bruised of spirit and confused by life ;)

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