Matt. Episodes. Thinking.



A Thought.

Still en route to the other Coast and watching some “tv on demand”*

*teamgloria doesn’t own a television so this is all Rather New to us and sadly Absorbing (which is why we don’t have a television chez teamgloria of course;)

One of the things we watched “on Demand” (which appears to have a price tag on it as is customary with anything One Demands, it seems) is episodes.

This is a Most Amusing tale of British writers doing a “pilot” in Los Angeles.

As teamgloria lived in Los Angeles (and is a writer, in some fashion, we didn’t write a Pilot but we did write Copy for a couple of Hollywood Studios.)

And we have written a few movies.

One of which would be superb with Matt LeBlanc.

Maybe we’ll ask our agent to send it to his agent.

People do that Sort of Thing in Hollywood.

In fact we will land in Los Angeles in 20 minutes.


Maybe we will post a little of the screenplay here soon……..

It is about an eternal soul that comes back as a failed writer and meets a Muse who is pretending to be a Life Coach.

The twist is that the eternal soul is a naughty boy male spirit. The writer has female lovers. And is also female herself. And the Muse is Calliope. Yes. One of the original Nine.

Fun, huh?

We Think So.

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