utterly delicious! our first book cover design #99designs #Vanko


isn’t it GLORIAous?

thanks to the Very Talented designer Vanko (who won our competition at 99designs)

now we’ve never met Vanko (see how efficient we are – working a designer not only remotely but one who is based in INDIA – how glamorous and spiritual and beautiful) but we adore (his/her? you see – we don’t even know that – isn’t that utterly incredibly Modern) designs so much that we hope to work with them again on book 2.

watch this space (as they say – whomever they are).

we’ll be working with the layout specialists at CreateSpace in the new year to produce book 1 “how to stay sane in a crazy world”.

then – in (hopefully) around June 2012 – book TWO will be about tobias and his sisters (the tumours/tumor story) and our teamgloria solutions on what to do when it All Gets Too Much.

because, darlings, sometimes, it Just Does.

and then you have to take to your bed.

OR – be lovely and book 3 x delicious reflexology sessions for one’s Excellent Executive Assistant and Delightful Deputy in the sleep pods at Yelo – which is what we’ll be doing as our festive gift to them both – the gift of experience and a Deep Exhale.

it’s been a long year.


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