the upper east side is different.


we don’t often go to the upper east side but we had a meeting there today (with someone Terribly CHIC who happened to be visiting from Abroad for the Season).

isn’t it lovely? in sort of an old-fashioned, slightly shabby faded elegant way.

isn’t this gorgeous? all that soft reflected light off beautifully curated stacks of delicious books?

The Corner Bookstore has been at Madison and 93rd for over thirty years.

and is Still There.

most definitely a local treasure. we actually saw a famous (nope, not telling you – we like to protect the anonymity of Talent) writer walk in (not quite in slippers – but in a general corduroy-jacket-and-battered-jeans-mismatching-socks – sort of a way) and the clerk said:

shall we put this on your account?

Just like in the Movies.


and then – after our Important Meeting – we took a taxi back down to the Office and paused at the traffic lights by The Metropolitan Museum

Just like in the Thomas Crown Affair (but we didn’t nick a painting, obviously – the driver drove on too fast anyway, even to purchase a postcard from a street vendor ;-)

and then back to work.

to a GIFT!

thank you dP!

(darlings – we hear your question – yes – the photograph Is from our trip earlier this year to Madrid – Well Spotted, Parker.)


2 thoughts on “the upper east side is different.

  1. The upper east side is indeed different. I lived there for a while. It’s the sort of place where on Sunday you stay in and lounge around in slacks and a sweater and no make up.

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