avalokitesvara – a moment of sculptural solace


isn’t this beautiful?

it’s by the Taiwanese artist Li Chen.

someone close to us (and also Very Important in the world of bringing culture from Other Places to the rest of the planet) played a Big Part in the launch of Li Chen’s work in the West.

we just want to smooth the lovely statue’s belly.

very zen.

don’t you?

and exhale.

that’s it for today.

apart from the fact that we just found out reindeers exist.

we’d been confusing them with unicorns all this time.


2 thoughts on “avalokitesvara – a moment of sculptural solace

  1. Oh they exist alright. This may not be the Place to mention this but I once had a lovely meal of roast saddle of reindeer at a schloss outside Berlin. It came with red currants or something.

    Love the sculpture.


    1. Jane

      How Lovely to see you here!

      Blimey. Oh Reilly.

      We find out that they Exist.

      And then we learn that one can eat them.

      In Berlin…………..

      Such a strange and wonderful place and with deeply curious dining options, to be sure.


      _tg xx

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