trying out new photo tools (yes, head cold = bored, yet creative) @diptic


Love Diptic (app)

Check out our Highly Creative long hours lying on the couch while getting over the Head Cold.









We have been to all these places with our Day Job in the past couple of years……..

Having a moment of profound gratitude for life’s adventures, darlings :)

and yet we feel the best is yet to come.

Isn’t that a song?

Who sung it?

Answers on a postcard…

10 thoughts on “trying out new photo tools (yes, head cold = bored, yet creative) @diptic

  1. Dear Friend,

    Love all the photos. How swell that you have been to many or most of those places.

    I have realized with a sudden start that yes, I must travel more. Does anyone know where I might find the Mauretania?

    As for the “best is yet to come”…darling, You’re the best, and you’re already here.

    Thank God!



  2. Oh very good, I do like a tryptic, quite amazing effect for such a simple operation.

    Are you thinking about D-Reams ‘Things can only get berter’? Labour used it as their winning theme in 1997. I also remember the lead singer inviting me to his party at the Fridge and …….. well there are ladies reading.

    1. after a day of shopping, and amazingly rude sales execs at the stores, i am thrilled to be inspired with your gorgeous wit and divine photos…love the icon ! let’s see if today is a better day….maybe, i will find my camera ! jc

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