don’t snort the synthroid


so they upped our synthroid following latest (awful) blood test results (following the surgery twelve weeks ago which removed three tumours/tumors/Tobias-and-his-sisters, two glands and our entire thyroid – and, for a period of a week – our vocal chords produced no sweet tg voice At All – if you’ve just joined us, darlings)

and the effects are somewhat – how can we put this?

well – our Good Friend KOC puts it best:

our grandmother was on synthroid and cleaned the house a lot – through the night sometimes


we had a head cold yesterday (if you visited us then, you’ll know we waited it out while remaining indoors for 12 hours and only using PG Tips and soup and raspberries and a lovely homemade stew with gluten free rice noodles – yum!)

No Cold Medicine.

and yet…………..

we were up till past the small hours, madly fiddling with the Diptic photo magicness (see yesterday for results – two years of Day Job travels catalogued in arty-ness.)

And We Did a Decoupage.

Now. If that doesn’t mean synthroid doesn’t have speedy side effects – just saying…..

Can’t be the PG Tips.

and it’s been a while since we had tomato soup but we’re sure there’s nothing untoward in That……



If the weight (sigh) drops off. And we suddenly find a desire to start collecting and archiving we’ll let you know.

we don’t actually clean chez teamgloria – our lovely Mario comes in to do that – we have other skills – but, mysteriously, ALL of our drawers and cupboards got tidied last night too


What do You think, darlings?

7 thoughts on “don’t snort the synthroid

  1. Like the episode from Ab Fab, where Patsy thought she’d been snorting coke, and when she realised it wasn’t coke, the awful truth dawned on her – she had actually enjoyed playing ping pong.

    My cupboards got very tidy when I stopped drinking red wine.


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